Our Programs

Fitness First By Linda offers a continuing swim program using an enjoyable, gentle approach. We strive to teach all to be safe and learn to love and respect the water.

Our instructors are certified, caring, enthusiastic and enjoy teaching.

Red Cross Swim Instruction:
The American Red Cross learn to swim program is for all ages infant to adult. We offer Mommy & Me classes starting at 6 months old and teach all 6 levels of the American Red Cross Swim Program.

Aquatic Fitness:
A soothing yet challenging way to improve fitness. Buoyancy creates a reduced impact exercise alternative that is easy on the joints while the water’s resistance challenges the muscles. Water lends itself to a well balanced workout that improves all major components of physical fitness…aerobic training, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility and body composition. Water exercise allows people of all fitness levels to work at a pace that is appropriate for their exercise goals. This is a one hour workout utilizing all muscle groups.

Land Exercise:
The aerobic land classes consist of cardio, weight training with light weights, abdominal routine, and a full stretch. This program is designed to aid in increasing muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular improvement. All classes are choreographed to music and all equipment is provided.